B.A. Pass 3
B.A. Pass 3

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Quality : Master
Added : May 03, 2021
Ratings :  5.4  / R
Released : May 01, 2021
Genre : Drama
Length : 185 min
Country : India
Language : Hindi
Actors : Sunny Sachdeva, Armaan Sandhu, Ankita Sahu, Ankita Chouhan, Namish Anand, Arjun Fauzdar, Amanda Bhogal, Yash Gulati, Prince Thakur, Shubham Lochav, Ankur Hashampuria
Director : Narendra Singh
Writer : Deep Chugh, Kritika Sachdeva, Narendra Singh
Description : The film revolves around those unwanted relationships, which are made and then they are punished as well. BA Pass 3 narrates the story of a jobless Anshul and how his life changes upside down when he meets a married woman and gets into a relationship with her.