A Lonely Woman
A Lonely Woman

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Added : Feb 01, 2019
Ratings :  3.4  / R
Released : Mar 23, 2018
Genre : Action, Crime, Drama
Length : 105 min
Country : United States
Language : English
Actors : Youlika Skafida, Beau Yotty, Joe Grisaffi, Michael Tula, Chris Force, Tommy Poynter, Rebecca Karpovsky, Elijah Beckett, Dih-Anah Marie, Guy Mayfield, Gilbert De la Garza, Modesto Jaramillo, Josue Figueroa, Sam Flash, Frances Watson, Andrew Martinez, Michelle Gomez, Elida
Director : Juven Cavazos
Writer : Juven Cavazos
Description : A Lonely Woman is about a docile and shy girl, Annie, (Youlika Skafida) an orphan from Greece who all she wanted was to have parents. After living in an orphanage her first 12 years, an elderly wealthy American couple finally adopts her giving her a new life in the USA. Fifteen happy years later her world flips upside down when a horrible event changes her life forever. Annie slowly transforms into a new persona; Jezebel (her ..
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