The Hippopotamus
The Hippopotamus

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Added : Jan 16, 2018
Ratings :  6.4  / R
Released : Aug 01, 2017
Genre : Comedy
Length : 89 min
Country : United Kingdom
Language : English
Actors : Roger Allam, Tim Charles, Rod Glenn, Amanda Holt, Amy Marchant, Adrian Bouchet, Simon Markey, Claire Lacey, Andrew Alexander, Russell Tovey, Paul Bown, Emily Berrington, Dean Ridge, Thaila Zucchi, Fiona Shaw, Matthew Modine, Tommy Knight, John Standing, Benedict Taylor, Lyn
Director : John Jencks
Writer : Stephen Fry, Blanche McIntyre, Tom Hodgson
Description : A country manor mystery that's actually a deliciously wicked comedy of manners, The Hippopotamus is a rollicking adaptation of the best-selling novel by Stephen Fry. It centers on a lapsed poet, failed drama critic, redundant husband and hard-working drunk, Ted Wallace (the mellifluously voiced Roger Allam in a rare starring role). Fired from his newspaper job, Ted leaps at the chance to drown his sorrows at his old friend..
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