Frat Star
Frat Star

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Quality : Master
Added : Jan 15, 2018
Ratings :  3.6  / R
Released : Jan 03, 2017
Genre : Comedy, Drama
Length : 85 min
Country : United States
Language : English
Actors : Connor Lawrence, Justin Mark, Cathryn Dylan, Chris Elliott, Tyler Weaks, Max Sheldon, Austin Ramsey, Peter O'Connor, Nicole Balsam, Kaitlin Mesh, Justiin A. Davis, Elijah Guo, Spencer House, Ben Moss, Parker Pogue, Max Curnin, Kelley Missal, Elliot Tebele, Vivian McCall, Al
Director : Grant S. Johnson, Ippsie Jones
Description : "Frat Star" explores the alluring, superficial, manipulative, and dark world of Ivy League fraternity culture. An insecure, poor, and broken-hearted Nick enters freshman year with no interest in fraternities. This all changes when his old money roommate Billy convinces him to pledge.
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