Easy Money III: Life Deluxe
Easy Money III: Life Deluxe

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Quality : Master
Added : Dec 26, 2017
Ratings :  6.2  / R
Released : Aug 30, 2013
Genre : Crime, Drama, Thriller
Length : 127 min
Country : Sweden
Language : Swedish,Spanish,Engl
Actors : Matias Varela, Joel Kinnaman, Martin Wallström, Malin Buska, Dejan Cukic, Madeleine Martin, Cedomir Djordjevic, Sasa Petrovic, Mats Andersson, Pablo Leiva Wenger, Hugo Ruiz, Maja Kin, Hamdija Causevic, Igor Cantillana, Claudio Oyarzo, Victor Gadderus, Gerhard Hoberstorf
Writer : false
Description : JW now lives in exile and is more determined than ever to find out what happened to his missing sister Camilla. Every trace leads him to the world of organized crime in Stockholm. Jorge is about to do his last score - the largest robbery in Swedish history. But during the complicated preparations he meets a woman from his past, Nadja. Martin Hägerström is chosen to go undercover into the Serbian mafia, in order to get it..
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