Saturday Morning Mystery
Saturday Morning Mystery

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Added : Dec 26, 2017
Ratings :  4.4  / R
Released : Jan 01, 1970
Genre : Comedy, Horror
Length : 83 min
Country : United States
Language : English
Actors : Jonny Mars, Josephine Decker, Adam Wyatt Tate, Ashley Spillers, Hamlet, Ryan Hennessee, Cyndi Williams, Jason Wehling, Spencer Parsons, Dodge Evans, Levi Krause, J. Nathan Day, Sonny Carl Davis, Jory Balsimo, Matia Balsimo, Chris Doubek, Chris Walters, Nancy Sidla, Mical T
Writer : false
Description : A dark and bloody parody about a Scooby-Doo-like team of paranormal investigators and their devoted dog. With the crew nearing bankruptcy, they're hired to get to the bottom of a series of spooky events at the remote Kyser mansion, an old religious school plagued by rumors of satanism and ritualistic murder. They're experts at debunking ghost stories, so they get right to work, and despite the ominous signs that this isn't jus..
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