3 Days with Dad
3 Days with Dad

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Added : Sep 16, 2019
Ratings :  4.2  / R
Released : Sep 13, 2019
Genre : Comedy
Length : 94 min
Country : United States
Language : English
Actors : Julie Ann Emery, Lesley Ann Warren, J.K. Simmons, Brian Dennehy, Amy Landecker, Jon Gries, David Koechner, Chris Bauer, Mike O'Malley, Sam Trammell, Tom Arnold, Eric Edelstein, Larry Clarke, Mo Gaffney, Steele Stebbins, Hudson West, Tom Yi, Kathleen Dennehy, Terry Maratos
Director : Larry Clarke
Writer : Larry Clarke
Description : The last thing Eddie Mills (Larry Clarke) wants to do is go home to deal with his dying Dad (Brian Dennehy). But the Catholic guilt gnaws at him, and he returns home to his crazy family, an overbearing step-mother (Leslie Ann Warren) , and his bear of a father. Once there, Eddie is confronted with a revelation that forces him to deal with the past he has always avoided.
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