High End Yaariyaan
High End Yaariyaan

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Quality : Master
Added : Dec 12, 2019
Ratings :  6.1  / R
Released : May 02, 2019
Genre : Comedy, Drama, Family, Musical, Romance
Length : 121 min
Country : India
Language : Punjabi
Actors : Jassie Gill, Ranjit Bawa, Ninja, Gurnam Bhullar, Sammy John Heaney, Navneet Kaur Dhillon, Neet Mahal, Aarushi Sharma, Musskan Sethi, Rose J. Kaur, Rehan Jani
Director : Pankaj Batra
Description : High End Yaariyaan is a tale of 3 friends Ranjit Bawa, Jassie Gill, and Ninja who lives abroad. The story narrates how their friendship has evolved over a period of time and what all struggles they go through while living out of their homeland.