Escape Room
Escape Room

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Quality : Master
Added : May 10, 2019
Ratings :  6.4  / PG
Released : Jan 04, 2019
Genre : Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Length : 99 min
Country : South Africa,United States
Language : English
Actors : Taylor Russell, Logan Miller, Jay Ellis, Tyler Labine, Deborah Ann Woll, Nik Dodani, Yorick van Wageningen, Cornelius Geaney Jr., Russell Crous, Bart Fouche, Jessica Sutton, Paul Hampshire, Vere Tindale, Kenneth Fok, Caely-Jo Levy, Jamie-Lee Money, Jeremy Boado, Inge Beck
Director : Adam Robitel
Writer : Bragi F. Schut, Maria Melnik
Description : Six strangers are given mysterious black boxes with tickets to an immersive escape room for a chance to win tons of money. Being locked in several rooms with extreme conditions, they discover the secrets behind the escape room and must fight to survive and to find a way out.
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