Running for Grace
Running for Grace

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Quality : Master
Added : Aug 23, 2018
Released : Jul 20, 2018
Genre : Family, Romance
Length : 110 min
Country : United States
Actors : Ryan Potter, Jim Caviezel, Matt Dillon, Juliet Mills, Olivia Ritchie, Nick Boraine, Stelio Savante, Peyton Dilweg, Cole Takiue, Sara Naby Kim, Derek Hall, Jon Sakata, Rumi Oyama, Dann Seki, Shiro Kawai, Sean Kobayashi, Betty Lewis, Vince Shin, Leslie Malu Shizue Miki
Director : David L. Cunningham
Writer : David L. Cunningham, Christian Parkes
Description : A timeless tale that takes place against the backdrop of the segregated coffee fields in 1920s Hawaii - a coming-of-age journey about a young man who transcends the boundaries of race and class in pursuit of a forbidden love.
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