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Quality : Master
Added : Aug 14, 1983
Ratings :  8.5  / R
Released : Aug 14, 1983
Genre : Romance
Length : 141 min
Country : India
Language : Hindi
Actors : Kamal Haasan, Sridevi, Gulshan Grover, Silk Smitha, Paintal, Arvind Deshpande, Viju Khote, H.J. Imam, Birbal, Leela Mishra, Ashalata Wabgaonkar, Padma Chavan, Jansi, Iftekhar, Somayajulu, Anand Balraj, Shreeram Lagoo
Director : Balu Mahendra
Writer : Gulzar, Balu Mahendra
Description : A young woman receives a head injury in an automobile accident and becomes like a six-year-old. She leaves the hospital unattended and ends up in a brothel. She is rescued by a young man who takes her to his home in the mountains. Meanwhile, her parents and the police are looking for her...
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