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Quality : Master
Added : May 14, 1983
Ratings :  6.7  / R
Released : May 14, 1983
Genre : Family, Romance
Length : 162 min
Country : India
Language : Hindi
Actors : Shammi Kapoor, Nirupa Roy, Prem Chopra, Sunny Deol, Amrita Singh, Sunder, Rajeev Anand, Goga Kapoor, Annu Kapoor, Tilak Mehta, Shabnam, Birbal, Jugnu, Rehana, Mahjabeen, Gabbu, Sonu Nigam, Narinder Singh, Sitaram Sharma, Kimti Anand, Joginder Shelly
Director : Rahul Rawail
Description : Sunny owns a small livestock farm and lives a poor but happy life style with his mother, Sumitra. They wanted the farm to become up to date, so Sumitra decides to make a move abroad in order to bring new equipments for the farm, leaving Sunny in the care of the farm. One day while distributing eggs and chickens, Sunny reaches up with Roma Singh and both can get into the pettiest quarrels and they soon begins to fight and Sunny..
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