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Quality : Master
Added : Mar 14, 1984
Ratings :  5.9  / R
Released : Mar 14, 1984
Genre : Action, Drama
Length : 152 min
Country : India
Language : Hindi
Actors : Amitabh Bachchan, C.S. Dubey, Utpal Dutt, Iftekhar, Shafi Inamdar, T.P. Jain, Pinchoo Kapoor, Satyendra Kapoor, Shakti Kapoor, Kader Khan, Viju Khote, Ram Mohan, Purnima, Jagdish Raj, Ranjeet, Nirupa Roy, Sridevi, Babbanlal Yadav
Director : Rama Rao Tatineni
Writer : Kader Khan, M.D. Sunder
Description : Street-wise and poor, Amar Nath makes a living selling cinema tickets and fast-food snacks (Bhel Puri) outside cinema halls. He is taken under the wing of a politician and Chair of the "Garibon Ki Party', Shankar Narayan, allowed to join the Police Academy, and returns as a Police Inspector. He falls in love and gets married to Asha, the only daughter of multi-millionaire businessman, Sitaram. When he successfully app..
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