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Quality : Master
Added : Jan 26, 2018
Ratings :  5.6  / R
Released : Jan 04, 2018
Genre : Thriller
Length : 86 min
Country : United States
Language : English
Actors : Aubrey Peeples, Keir Gilchrist, Peter Facinelli, Jimmy Bennett, Taylor Dearden, Ione Skye, Felicity Price, Tristan Decker, Connor Muhl, Rebecca Huey, Caroline Huey, Daniel Nsengimana, Austin Kulman, Reza Leal-Smartt, Ian Bond, Echo Bull, Lowell Deo, Aaron Ross, Nazlah Blac
Director : Chris Sivertson
Description : Sam Maddox, a troubled girl whose father committed suicide, has earned a reputation at her high school for being a bit promiscuous. When Sam begins seeing brilliant, MIT-bound Henry Sinclair, the two opposites really attract. Although Sam doesn't realize it, Henry is in the grip of an insane romantic obsession, and he will kill anyone who tries to put an end to his star-crossed - and increasingly deadly - romance.