My Daughter Is Missing
My Daughter Is Missing

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Quality : Master
Added : Jan 15, 2018
Ratings :  5.5  / R
Released : Jun 01, 2017
Genre : Thriller
Length : min
Country : United States
Language : English
Actors : Miranda Raison, Emmett J Scanlan, Sophie Robertson, Jovana Stojiljkovic, Milan Cucilovic, Fedor Djordjevic, Arnaud Humbert, Ivona Kustudic, Srdjan Pantelic, Milena Pavlovic, Vahidin Prelic, Miodrag Radonjic, Tijana Upcev, Zarko Zecevic
Director : Tamar Halpern
Description : Sara, a former hacker and now an Internet security specialist, has come to Belgrade to attend a conference on cyber crime. While she is there her daughter and a college friend are kidnapped by a Serbian human trafficking ring. Will Sara be able to save them before it's too late?
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