Lady Macbeth
Lady Macbeth

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Added : Jan 15, 2018
Ratings :  6.9  / R
Released : Jul 14, 2017
Genre : Drama, Romance
Length : 89 min
Country : United Kingdom
Language : English
Actors : Florence Pugh, Cosmo Jarvis, Paul Hilton, Naomi Ackie, Christopher Fairbank, Golda Rosheuvel, Anton Palmer, Rebecca Manley, Fleur Houdijk, Cliff Burnett, David Kirkbride, Bill Fellows, Nicholas Lumley, Raymond Finn, Ian Conningham, Finn Burridge, Jack Robertson, Kema Sika
Director : William Oldroyd
Writer : Nikolai Leskov, Alice Birch
Description : Rural England, 1865. Katherine is stifled by her loveless marriage to a bitter man twice her age, whose family are cold and unforgiving. When she embarks on a passionate affair with a young worker on her husband's estate, a force is unleashed inside her, so powerful that she will stop at nothing to get what she wants.
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