Mostly Ghostly One Night in Doom House
Mostly Ghostly One Night in Doom House

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Added : Dec 31, 2017
Ratings :  4.9  / PG
Released : Sep 06, 2016
Genre : Family, Fantasy, Horror
Length : 88 min
Country : United States
Language : English,French,Spani
Actors : Corey Fogelmanis, Sophie Reynolds, Jamie Kennedy, Andrew Herr, Anne Marie DeLuise, Peter DeLuise, Jedidiah Goodacre, Karen Holness, Blake Michael, Olivia Ryan Stern, Vivian Full, Ellie Harvey, Nelson Wong, Morgan Fairchild, Adam Tsekhman, Danny Trejo, Zak Santiago, Casey
Director : Ron Oliver
Writer : Ron Oliver, R.L. Stine
Description : To raise money for his girlfriend's school dance crew competition, magician Max conducts a public seance. Despite Nicky and Tara supplying genuine spectral thrills, all believe it to be Max' trickery, including Cammie (who, thereafter, breaks up with Max), when the ghost of a French maid butts in, leaving info in finding Nicky and Tara's missing parents. Since Nicky and Tara have complained about Max treating them ..