The Burning Dead
The Burning Dead

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Added : Dec 30, 2017
Ratings :  2.2  / R
Released : Jul 21, 2015
Genre : Horror
Length : 82 min
Country : United States
Language : English
Actors : Danny Trejo, Thomas Downey, Moniqua Plante, Nicole Carmela, Kevin Norman, Robert F. Lyons, Kyle T. Heffner, Julia Lehman, Tom Nagel, Jenny Lin, Adam Gregor, Robert Amstler, Matthew W. Tate, Morgan Lester, Jailene Arias, Breanna Bunevacz, Justin Corrales, Noel Jason Scott,
Director : Rene Perez
Writer : Jason Ancona, Jeff Miller
Description : In North California, the scientist Dr. Stevens and his assistant Eve Jones are researching a volcano near eruption to evacuate the residents. Meanwhile, Mindy Roberts, her daughter Nicole and her boyfriend Ryan are visiting Mindy's estranged father Old Ben, who lives in an isolated cabin on the top of the mountain. Sheriff Denton is rescuing persons that might have been left behind. Out of the blue, each person discovers t..