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Quality : Master
Added : Dec 30, 2017
Released : Dec 04, 2015
Genre : Biography, Drama
Length : 111 min
Country : United Kingdom,Germany,Canada,Australia,Unite
Language : English
Actors : Robert Pattinson, Peter Lucas, Lauren Gallagher, Kendal Rae, Drew Leger, Dane DeHaan, Alessandra Mastronardi, John Blackwood, Jason Blicker, Emily Hurson, Kristian Bruun, Joel Edgerton, Emma Pedersen, Stella Schnabel, Allison Brennan, Ben Kingsley, Philip Maurice Hayes, D
Director : Anton Corbijn
Description : A snapshot in time-the film chronicles the story behind the 1955 LIFE magazine photo thread by Dennis Stock of then-rising star, James Dean, and gives us an inside look at some of Hollywood's most iconic images and into the life of a gifted, but troubled man.
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