Brothers Day
Brothers Day

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Quality : Master
Added : Dec 29, 2017
Ratings :  6.1  / R
Released : Feb 06, 2015
Genre : Crime, Drama
Length : 95 min
Country : United Kingdom
Language : English
Actors : Matt Aistrup, Simon Bates, Andre Burton-March, James Butler, Chanse Campbell, Tom Collins, Nikki Dean, Rebecca-Clare Evans, Lewis Fletcher, Jake Francis, Clayton Gordon, Jade Greyul, Chris Hipkiss, Mark Horrobin, Elika Jacobs, Matt Kaye, Leonora Lim-Moore, Michael Maughan
Writer : false
Description : Chris feels the Manchester's underworld of crime has taken his brother Ryan away from his side. When everything goes wrong with Ryan's latest deal, Chris will have to learn by himself that the decisions his brother made for him are not as easy as he thought.