Bark Ranger
Bark Ranger

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Quality : HDRip
Added : Sep 10, 2018
Ratings :  4.5  / PG
Released : Apr 14, 2015
Genre : Family
Length : 90 min
Country : United States,Canada
Language : English
Actors : Jon Lovitz, Max, Lucius Hoyos, Zoe Fraser, Marty Adams, Jason Blicker, Ari Cohen, Alexandra Castillo, Trenna Keating, Ryan Manning, Nicholas Bode, Marcia Bennett, Ted Hallet, Jamie Watson, David Berni, Buster
Writer : false
Description : Two kids and a trusty dog, Ranger (Jon Lovitz), stumble across a treasure map while playing in an abandoned ranger station. They set out on the adventure of a lifetime in search of a forgotten gold mine, but things take a turn for the worst when they come across a pair of bumbling crooks hiding out from the police.
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