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Added : Dec 27, 2017
Ratings :  4.4  / R
Released : Nov 21, 2013
Genre : Comedy, Romance
Length : 90 min
Country : United States
Language : English
Actors : Austin Abrams, Tom Arnold, Brennan Bailey, Wilmer Calderon, Joe Childs, Cheryl Daro, Cheryl David, Neil Dickson, Conor Dubin, Tom Fitzpatrick, Brian Fong, Rachel G. Fox, Joseph S. Griffo, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Christine Lakin, Jon Lovitz, Hayes MacArthur, Wendie Malick, Ca
Writer : false
Description : Two childhood friends reunite as adults to help each other land the women of their dreams. Chris wants to marry Allison, a Jewish girl, so that he'll never have to make another decision for as long as he lives. Adam is on the verge of getting married to Hannah, a woman he is not content with. When Chris enlists Adam's help in pretending to be Jewish so that Allison will date him, cultures collide and chaos ensues!