Wrong Side of Town
Wrong Side of Town

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Added : Dec 25, 2017
Ratings :  3.9  / R
Released : Feb 23, 2010
Genre : Action, Crime
Length : 88 min
Country : United States
Language : English HIndi
Actors : Rob Van Dam, Dave Bautista, Lara Grice, Edrick Browne, Ava Knighten Santana, Stormy Daniels, Randal Reeder, Jerry Katz, Louis Herthum, Brooke Frost, Ja Rule, Nelson Frazier Jr., Damon Lipari, Scott L. Schwartz, David DeFalco, Marrese Crump, Omarion Grandberry, Qwes, Ross B
Writer : false
Description : Ex-Navy Seal Bobby Kalinowski lives a quiet, peaceful life as a landscape architect in an LA suburb with his wife Dawn and 16 year old daughter Brianna. Tonight they are invited out for an evening on the town by new neighbors clay and Elise Freeman to a happening club downtown. Little did they know that this would be the start of a life or death ordeal for the group. While at the club, Dawn is accosted by one of the club owner..