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Quality : Master
Added : Jun 13, 2020
Ratings :  2.9  / R
Released : Jun 12, 2020
Genre : Crime
Length : 100 min
Country : United States
Language : English
Actors : Bella Thorne, Amber Riley, Marisa Coughlan, Jake Manley, Billy Blair, Jennifer Rader, Kirstyn Anderson, Madi Bready, Maggie McClure, Michael Sirow, Hayley Burgess, Robert Peters, Nicholas Simon, Paul T. Taylor, Delores Wheeler, Chris Oz McIntosh, Thomas Rivas, Joey Oglesb
Director : Joshua Caldwell
Writer : Joshua Caldwell
Description : Living in a small Florida town and working at a diner was never Arielle's (Bella Thorne) dream life. She's always wanted more. Fame. Popularity. Admiration. When she falls for a recently paroled young criminal named Dean, she drags him back into a life of danger, learning that posting their criminal exploits on social media is an easy way to viral fame. Obsessed with their rising number of followers, they embark on a dangerous..
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