My Name is Myeisha
My Name is Myeisha

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Quality : Master
Added : Feb 11, 2020
Released : Feb 11, 2020
Genre : Drama
Length : 82 min
Country : United States
Language : English
Actors : Rhaechyl Walker, John Merchant, Dominique Toney, Dee Dee Stephens, Rickerby Alexander Brown-Hinds, Warren Burke, Gregg Daniel, Elaine Lockhart, Trevor Williams
Director : Gus Krieger
Writer : Rickerby Hinds, Gus Krieger
Description : My Name Is Myeisha is a hip-hop musical inspired by the 1998 police shooting of California teen Tyisha Miller (as well as countless other acts of police brutality against African American citizens) and adapted from the internationally acclaimed play, Dreamscape. At the moment of Myeisha's death at the hands of police, she guides us inside her mind and muses over the life she will be leaving behind, told through hip-hop, spoken..