Get Gone
Get Gone

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Quality : Master
Added : Feb 11, 2020
Ratings :  2.6  / Not Rated
Released : Feb 11, 2020
Genre : Horror, Thriller
Length : 91 min
Country : United States
Actors : Lin Shaye, Robert Miano, Rico E. Anderson, Weston Cage Coppola, Bailey Coppola, Cory Crouser, Cord Adams, Brittany Benita, Adam Bitterman, Luke B. Carlson, Stefan Hayek, Gwyn LaRee, Tristan David Luciotti, Joel Macha, Michael McBee, Emily Shenaut, Silvia Spross, Bradley S
Director : Michael Thomas Daniel
Writer : Michael Thomas Daniel
Description : Hoax Busters, an internet 'fake video' team, head out on a weekend retreat to do some team building after busting another online lie. They travel to Whiskey Flats, Oregon and meet with Craig Eubanks, a shifty, bossy, know-it-all outdoor guide who promises them his company, Rocks and Roots, will build their team confidence. Meanwhile, an invasive drilling company is given the rights to some land by the Federal Government and is..
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