How to Say Goodbye
How to Say Goodbye

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Quality : Master
Added : Nov 08, 2019
Ratings :  5.3  / R
Released : Nov 08, 2019
Genre : Romance
Length : 78 min
Country : United States
Language : English
Actors : Frank Song, Logan Rose Nelms, Chris Mollica, Stephanie Patent, Guy Whitlock, Sage Buchalter, Robert Poletick, Alexis Bronkovic, Andrea Gallo, Richard Abramov, Christopher Botte, Avra Friedman, Arik Hartman, Zachary Le Vey, Tom Lyons, Angela Oh, Alex Oliver, Irene Rivera, K
Director : Frank Song
Writer : Frank Song
Description : Winner of the Jury Prize at the Art of Brooklyn Film Festival and official selections at Hoboken International Film Festival and the Chelsea International Film Festival, How To Say Goodbye is a personal story by the filmmaker. Tom is a down-and-out bond broker struggling to keep his business afloat, a legacy of his brother who passed away on 9/11. Claire is a fledgling actress from a small town starting over after a personal t..