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Added : May 17, 2020
Description : Following a recap of the events of the previous journey, the game starts out with both Alex Hunter, his half-sister Kim and Danny Williams watching a video of Hunter's grandfather, Jim Hunter, scoring his 100th career goal for his club in a First Division match at Coventry City. After that, they train with their respective teams for the pre-season friendly tournament held in Japan - ending with Alex and Danny's teams facing each other in the tournament's final. Kim is over in Los Angeles training with USA for the upcoming FIFA World Cup in France and quickly forms a partnership with teammate Alex Morgan during it. Alex also meets with Beatriz Villanova, the football agent that contacted him at the end of the previous journey - promising to make Alex an icon in world football. She keeps her promise and tells Alex that Real Madrid have offered him a 5 year contract, which he accepts and he..
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